Going back into the closet!

Some of you may know, I have been bitten by the house bug pretty hard.  While I kind of laugh that ToJo + 2 dogs aren’t able to coexist in a 2000 sq ft house without stuff overflowing, our house is not designed well for 2000 sq ft. While we have some storage, we don’t have good storage.  We also have too much crap, which could be an entire blog in itself.  So one of my major focuses in looking at floorplans (we’re hoping to build) is closet space.  Big, huge, ginormous, park-a-Smart-car-in-it closet.  I don’t feel I have that many clothes, but since I have to take a running start at my closet when I need to shove something an already tight space just to have enough leverage – there’s too many clothes in my closet.  Until I can build my new ToJo Palace, something in my closet has to give.
JoRaye’s revolution #1 – Switch a roo closet-doo!
No, I’m not taking closet space from Todd, but I repinned something from my college buddy Tiffany a few days ago that took my brain and did a total 180.  Instead of doing these insane closet cleanouts that leave me stressed, tired, and feeling like I may be throwing something away that will be totally awesome in a few seasons, it’s really allowing me to see what pieces of my wardrobe I’m actually wearing.
#1 – Reverse Your Hangers – Put your clothes in your closet with the hangers reversed once a year.  As you pull clothes out, reverse the hanger.  Every year give away any clothes that you never took out (hangers face original direction.)
I plan to do a review of my closet every 6 months.  Since I’m a mini-packrat, I tend to hold onto clothes, thinking I’ll wear them if/when I lose weight or if I have some weird emotional attachment to that piece.  Truth is, most people want to go buy NEW clothes when they’ve lost weight.
Since I always have to be over the top when I do a project, I took it a step further.  I completely emptied the closet rack where I kept my work clothes.  I moved all those clothes to a rolling clothes rack in my office.  As I wear the clothes, they can come back to the real closet.  Anything left in June 2012, needs to be tossed or have serious consideration on why I’m not tossing it.  Anything left in December 2012 (provided the Mayan calendar isn’t correct) will be tossed/donated.

I really hope this helps in my fight against my closet, which I have named Gertrude.  Gertrude the Closet. Gertrude, time to clean you up!
Update: This project also seriously helps out with 101 Things in 1001 Days #23!
23. Purge wardrobe of anything I haven’t worn in the past two years