The Life and Times of JoRaye K.

Alright, alright. I admit. I am a horrible person for leaving you guys blogless and clueless for almost a month. Please accept my apologies, as I have morphed into super-busy girl. And most of you want to know who the boy is. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that soon enough. After that April Fools blog, life took a strange and interesting turn for the better. Most of you know the story about someone who used to be an acquaintance, possibly a friend have you, but now a bacteria, that wanted to kick my ass for taking her “man”….hard to call someone your man, claim marriage proposals and name your future children when you’re a 2am’er, and have at least 2 other guys that you’re actively dating, one of which was a guy I used to date, and another potential one was her “man’s” friend…… Ok, enough trash talk. And yes, you are welcome to judge, say I’m getting seconds, say I’m a worthless bitch, I broke the golden rule, whatever. I did it. And me and the boy (his name’s Todd, but I like referring to him as “the boy”) are pretty damned happy I must say. I hate to put a keyboard to all of this, hence jinxing myself….but I’m pretty solid right now. As far as I know, and it seems to be pretty public knowledge, I am officially the girlfriend. I am getting used to saying the word “boyfriend” without throwing the words “mother f*cking worthless stupid f*cking lousy ass piece of garbage who can’t keep a job and cheats on me constantly” behind it. And I like it! Yes- he’s older. No, I don’t care. He’s not a stick boy – and I hate stick boys. He has a Harley. I’m terrified of motorcycles. Yes. This might be a problem. He has a job. (Wow. I didn’t know guys like this existed.) He loves sushi. Good one. I’ve already semi-girlified the bathroom (shhh, I don’t think I was supposed to spill that one.) I have yet to introduce to him to the parents. After that 4 year mistake with fuckhead, they are critical of anything that comes within 2 miles of me. I have already met his parents and sister, and they are awesome people. And about 3,000 of his friends. He likes my friends. My friends like him (At least I think they do….) That’s an awesome perk. I am leaving for Vegas May 10th, with the boy. By odd circumstances, we planned a trip to Vegas, with friends, and now, we’re the only ones going. It kinda came down to the fact that we needed to book it quick, no one was making any decisions, and we just did it. Don’t worry, I plan to come back with nothing on my left hand. Not ready for that one yet. So yes, I’ve been doing the girlfriend thing. Hence why the lack of blogs. Hence why the presence of JoRaye has been minimal. There, you have it. I will be in Ardmore this weekend to see my parents and friends, (Todd went to Talladega….) OKC the next one (and possibly down in Ardmore for a day to do some sort of early Mother’s Day thing with mom) and then off to Vegas for a weekend. Then possibly back down to Ardmore the next weekend to beg my mother into not hating me because I went to Vegas on Mother’s Day weekend. And yes, I am still losing weight. I started Phentermine February 8th, and so far I’ve lost a solid 20 pounds and I love it. I’m gonna do one more month, then take a month or so off, then get back on probably. Work – is work. I don’t know if anyone takes me seriously or not, but I’ve taken on 3 different projects within 2 weeks, in addition to my normal job duties, so I’m advertising my profitability. Also, I seem to have a problem falling down. I don’t think I’ve had a scabbed knee since I was like in 5th grade….and I scabbed my left knee up 3 times in one week last week. Maybe it was the excessive amount of beer. Maybe it was the purple croc skin heels I still haven’t broken in, or maybe it was the parking lot. Maybe it was Nicole’s dancing abilities. Maybe it was all 4. Who knows, but I still can’t wear a skirt until the scabbies go away. Did I mention that brake hardware fix I got from the Mazda dealership fixed Zoe’s squealing noise? Awesome. It’s 8pm on a Thursday. I didn’t go to bed until like 4am last night. I was up for work at 6:15am. I think I’m gonna pass out and not wake up until the morning. Much love bitches –