Happy April Fucking Fools Day – 1 YEAR BITCHES!

HA!HA!It was pretty fuckin’ funny last year. Sitting there, crying, wondering what I had done to make everyone in the world hate me, because I felt something for a guy.Had I broke the golden rule? Had I fucked over a truly close friend? Nah. I admit, I felt pretty horrible and uncertain on April Fools Day, 2007. What a cruel joke the world had played on me.Now I know it was all worth it. There have been tears, and fights, and moments of uncertainty, but those were nothing compared to the good times, good laughs, awkward and amazing moments, the learning, the wow-factor, the awesomeness of gaining a new best friend and boyfriend in the process. He knows how I feel, I tell him everyday. We are doing awesome and I am totally happy. So yey. fawk the haters (lol) and love yo momma, bring no drama. Oh yeah, btw, our anniversary din-din at the Melting Pot – Wowzers. Yum Yum. That’s all I got.