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Just a thought about pictures….

One, thank you to everyone that came out to either my birthday dinner or to my birthday party. You guys make these events so fun for me, and that can’t really be expressed in words, so once again, thank you for letting me have an amazing birthday. I am uploading pictures.

I can say, if you have a VALID request for me to remove a picture, I will (there were almost 400.) I do remove most pictures where girls look blatantly horrible (blinking, stupid faces, etc.) I don’t remove pictures that have a group in them, and you might have a silly grin that doesn’t suit you. Deal with it, we all aren’t supermodels, and can’t be on point whilst drinking and acting goofy. A bad picture is just capturing a moment in time you might not of remembered otherwise. What I do have to harp on, is that I have been asked to remove pictures that include one certain person. I did it because the person who asked is my friend, but I had to do this for my birthday last year as well, and had to exercise caution with other events, because of someone who was doing things they weren’t supposed to be doing…… Going thru 400 pictures to ensure this person isn’t visible in them is kind of a task, but I did it. I did it last year, and sadly, I will probably do it in the future. What I can say is, you all know me pretty well, I take ALOT of pictures, and I usually post them on myspace, facebook, or If you don’t want certain pictures to seen, DON’T POSE FOR THEM. I can be pretty pushy when I’m on the spot, but you can carefully ask me in private to not take pictures of you and your guest. I will oblige. It makes the “post-editing” process alot easier on me. I don’t give a crap who your f***ing, sleeping around with, hiding a fugitive, in the witness protection program, etc. That’s your life. I’ve had to do this numerous times with friends and I think it’s petty. If you’ve got a secret to hide, DON’T jump in front of a camera! Especially one that is owned by someone who updates and posts EVERYTHING on the internet.

What I can say for the future is, that I have a wedding coming up. I will more than likely, have a photographer, OTHER THAN ME. Wedding photos can sometimes number in the 1000s. I WILL NOT be editing my wedding photos other than to suit my own personal opinion. So if you decide to show up to my wedding with someone other than your publicly-known husband, baby’s daddy, boyfriend, lover, etc, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY PHOTOGRAPHER. Point blank, photos are evidence, so why incriminate yourself if you KNOW what you’re doing is wrong, or going to cause issues. Other than that, the pictures are quite fun, I love my new camera (Thanks Todd and Mom!), and I plan to take quite a few more pictures. 🙂 Happy Birthday to me!

Big Update to the ToJo Wedding

After quite an eventful weekend and week in Vegas last week (house risked by a grass fire hours before I leave, delayed flights, cancelled flights back from the ice storm, driving back, cramped back seat, etc.) we had to discuss the Vegas wedding scenario.
In short, we’ve decided to nix the Vegas idea and keep the wedding and reception in Oklahoma City. The date should still be the same, August 8th 2009, and a reception to follow. I don’t have a location yet, but I am hoping to book somewhere that we can have the ceremony and reception in the same place. I know a lot of you were looking forward to Vegas, as many of you had never been, and were looking forward to a vacation type get-away as well. I know we can change our minds and we are allowed to, but I felt as if we should at least explain our reasoning.

Vegas was meant to be low-key, fun, and cheap. As it stands, with separating the at-home reception, having a small reception in Vegas, travel costs, venue costs, and the like, for what we wanted out of Vegas, it was going to cost just as much or more than a wedding at home. I just wasn’t comfortable with having my first wedding at the $99 chapel. All of the elements that could be avoided by doing a package in Vegas weren’t that important, but seemed a bit overpriced for what you were getting. Also, we met with the wedding coordinator last weekend, she was an amazingly sweet girl, we loved the place, but for what we wanted, and how we wanted to handle things, there were going to be numerous “$150 vendor fees” that were adding up quickly and didn’t sit too well with me. The idea of, if I were to buy silk flowers, and have my mom help me make bouquets, bouts, pomanders, etc. (she’s quite crafty with a glue gun!) would be considered an “outside vendor fee” and therefore charged $150? I understand you could say we made them, and have a florist make them, but still, it was nickel and diming me to death, $150 at a time.

The vast majority of our friends and family are in the Oklahoma/Oklahoma City area, and this will avoid the issue of air travel for 100% of our guests who wanted to see the ceremony. Vegas was also going to nix our ability to have a real honeymoon, and since this is a first marriage for both of us, we really wanted a honeymoon, and Vegas was not the spot for it. Vegas was going to be a casual wedding, and I plan on the OKC event being just as you would expect a Todd and JoRaye event, casual, relaxed, tons of fun. Neither one of us wanted a formal wedding, or a Catholic wedding, so no worries in the type of event we’re hosting here. In the end, there’s quite a bit more planning to do, but it’s easier to be able to drive down the road and check out a place or service, rather than blindly book off the internet. I’ve told a few people in person, and the emotions have been mixed. People who didn’t have the money, are glad to not have to save or use credit cards, and people who wanted to come, are upset, but understand, and among the group, there’s a mix of those feelings. All in all, we want this to be fun for all involved, and we hope to see you in August.

JoRaye & Todd

ToJo’s Wedding – Prices Updates AGAIN!

7 months, 1 week, and 6 days to go! (I only know that because my little time ticker told me so.) So we made it thru Christmas, and now all that’s left to tackle in 2008 is Todd’s birthday/New Year’s Eve Party, which will be a blowout. I suggest contacting me if you are still looking for a NYE destination, and will be in the OKC area.

I will be flying to Vegas at the end of January to finalize, look around, approve things, in person. As of this writing, the Flamingo is still our pick (I want to stay in a GO Room…) but, since I made a major change to my color scheme this morning (no more hot pink and black ladies, sorry), anything’s possible at this point.

I’ve heard alot of buzz about driving out to Vegas! I have no problems with this! I think it would be amazingly fun, but I don’t know how well my stress level would be, after 16 hours in a car, freaking out, 3 days before my wedding. (Say the Bridezilla word, and I’ll show you why I come from an Italian family, I WILL break your kneecaps….) So for me, I will be flying. We’re not making any reservations until after the first of the year. I think it would be really fun to get as many of us on the same flight, possibly get trashed on the way there…..hehe….etc.

So, for you driving divas and dudes: Prices at the Flamingo, hotel only – Thursday. August 6th thru Monday, August 10th (based on double occupancy, prices from
Deluxe Room -$290.00
GO Room – $450.00
GO Room Strip View – $530.00
Hotel Only – (as of right now, they are offering a 4th night free at the Flamingo, so the rates below include that.)
Deluxe Room – $222.00
GO Room – $336.00
GO Room Strip View – $396.00
For my flighty fellas and f-word that relates to girls???

Hotel and Flight –
Deluxe Room – $431.00/person (total – $862.00)
GO Room – $496.00/person (total – $992.00)
GO Room Strip View – $528.00 (total $1057.00)

These prices have went down considerably since the last time I checked, so this is good news. Todd and I have used Expedia for all of our trips (and he uses it for 95% of his business travelling) so I trust their prices, customer service, etc. If you choose another agency or website, no skin off my back. If you are deciding to attend the wedding, I am totally sure you will get a 100% OCD, attention to detail, anal-retentive, subject to change, JoRaye-made itinerary and list of things….so no worries! I keep getting the question – when should I book? I can’t answer that for you. (Sorry….) I will definately let everyone know what price and details I decide to book on. What I choose to pay may be totally different from what you want to pay, and I of course, cannot guarantee if prices will go up, down, or stay the same from when we decide to book. (Most of you know this, but, I’ve had to explain to others….love you all….even the traveling-challenged folks.) I think this is all I have now. This will be on my MySpace blog, blog, blog, and emailed to my special folks, and please, pass it along to anyone you may think needs this info (no wedding stalkers!)
Love, JoRaye

ToJo’s Vegas Wedding – Prices Update Week 2

As promised, my weekly findings on prices to Vegas for my budgeting beauties.
The first week’s entry can be found on the blog at…:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />
Flight and Hotel from – July 16th – 20th, 2009 (SAMPLE DATES ONLY)
Deluxe Room – $652.49/person
Go Deluxe Room – $740.15/person
Go Deluxe Room w/ Strip View – $782.93/person

Room Only from – July 16th – 20th, 2009 (SAMPLE DATES ONLY)
Deluxe Room – $390.00 (based on double occupancy)
Go Deluxe Room – $550.00 (double occupancy)
Go Deluxe Room w/ Strip View – $630.00 (double occupancy)

Flight Only from – July 16th – 20th, 2009 (SAMPLE DATES ONLY)
Cheapest flight was $400. (That was this morning, as of now, there’s cheaper – $333 and $383 fares)

OK, a few of you asked: “Why would we book separately? It seems much cheaper to do it all together.” The only reason we would book flights and hotel separately would be if the Flamingo gave us a group rate for a block of rooms that would beat the Expedia Flight + Hotel prices. I haven’t even booked our ceremony, so I’m not sure of any of those details yet. Looks like we have about 3 weeks to go before we can start getting an actual gauge of what our actual August date prices are! As for last weeks prices, just to give you an idea as of how they fluctuate, they all went down $36/person over the course of a week.

Flight and Hotel from – July 9th – 13th (SAMPLE DATES ONLY)
Deluxe Room – $624.91/person (was $660.91)
Go Deluxe Room – $711.52/person (was $747.52 )
Go Deluxe Room w/ Strip View – $754.30/person (was $790.30)

OK, I’ve bored you enough. Go start counting pennies and rolling quarters for ToJo’s Vegas Wedding!

I’m engaged!

Most people already know, but just in case….I’m engaged! Officially, as of July 16th. My ring – one word – AMAZING. (for some reason, this file is there, but it won’t show up…….) I may turn into a planning blog, not sure yet. So far, as of today, I have booked a photographer! It’s my first real step towards this whole real life wedding thing. I went with Bently&Wilson of Las Vegas (, I have seen their work from some of the Las Vegas Knotties, and I am in love. His price, ownership, and ideas are exactly what I’m looking for. That’s my update for the day….. JoRaye

Oh hai ya’ll

Ok….since my status is freaking people out (6 messages and 2 or 3 comments…)

Confused – There’s ALOT of crap in boxes, and I have no where to put it……yes, I am finally moved into Todd’s house. Also confused, and I guess betrayed isn’t the BEST word, but well, I just feel like I’ve lost a few of my good friends that I wish I could see more. And I hate that just because I’m now known as the ToJo, I can’t possibly EVER do anything without Todd, so therefore, no reason to invite me. The few that live in OKC, I don’t see as much as we could, and the rest are elsewhere….. Things with me and Todd are great, and I am very lucky to have his friends and family embrace me and welcome me into their lives the way they have, and I wouldn’t change that for the world, but ya know, sometimes I just need “my” girls?

My girls who UNDERSTAND: JJiSMiK, The Thunderchicken, Greeny, and Zoe Zoom Zoom… Tiny Chapel, Thompsons Bay, muddin’, backroadin’ roadies, Strip Critter, Drenga, (and the importance of wearing 9 scarves) Tenbuck, The Starlight Satellite, dancing on countertops, coffee tables, and anything in between, learning the hardcore lesson of having a party and posting it on Facebook, QUAIL QUAIL, I can kick, cause I’m FITTY!, The water is wet, beneath my feet! Smirnoff and Beer, Painting Matt Bloom’s head with silver nail polish, right after he shaved his head, and thanking God we didn’t kill him…..(I just ran across those pictures….) Lake Murray Golf Course…..that’s all. Napolean Dynamite parties, and we were the only ones with enough balls to dress up. Interpretive dancing, 2 hours of photo sessions, on the mailbox, in the driveway, on the tailgate, The Girls of Concord Place and the People who Love Them. Random Water Balloon fights, The Tri Chi House Barbie and her Pink Hummer Tuesday Nights at BWW after OTH, and shitty Wednesday morning classes. The most outrageous MAC combos you can wrap a brush around, That’s how we row, OKKKKKKK (of course I’m not putting this on MySpace….), JoRaye fuckin’ left me in Oklahoma City!!!!, fist pumpin’ like some damn guido-ettes in Skyy Bar, out the sunroof of Zoe, and randomly, in Tenbuck. I’m a Little Teapot, Pink little panty palace (and boyshorts too!) Stealing your roommate’s convertible…. Hot Cock! Puking along I-35…. Bustiers….sexy means not breathing….or bending. etc, etc, on and on and on and on. Did it all end with “I’m NOT going to some bar called the Porthole!” ? I hope not. I just miss it.

I think I keep blogging about this, because I remember saying I miss the randomness. The I don’t give a damn about who’s watching, who I have to go home to, what time I have to be home, what will he think about me, what if she’s talking to him, just the cares of this everyday world that now surround me and my friends. It’s killed the spontaneity, the carelessness, it’s forced us to grow up, get real jobs, get married, have babies, and start our own families. I know this isn’t goodbye, but it feels like a long road to another life, a life I am excited, nervous, happy, and can’t wait for, but again, why does it come at a price? Why can’t it be the summer of 2001 forever? Or even 2002? (I’d like to skip years 2003, 2004, and the first part of 2005, thank you.) Why can’t it be summer forever? Why can’t it just be friends forever? OK….I’m done bitching. I still love you all, let me wallow in my mud pit of sadness! As you know, I have exactly 368 days to plan a wedding, cause I’m getting married! Mwahaha. I hear good news travels FAST bitch.

Crabapalooza 08 Recap

First, thank you to everyone who RSVP’ed and actually showed up. 🙂 Seriously, thanks from Todd and myself, for attending Crabapalooza. It was a kick-ass party, it took alot of time, work, planning, money, crabs, sweat, tears, and a bit more vomit than we accounted for.
But all in all, it was great, Todd got his crabs he loves so much, and Jessica and Butch had a great time celebrating their birthdays with all of their friends. I’d start saving wear and tear on your liver and stomach for Crabapalooza 09.

PICTURES: Will be up tonight on They may appear on MySpace or Facebook, but really just depends on how motivated I am. Quit your belly aching. And send me what pictures you have.

My recap points:
1. Crabapalooza 1.5 is this Thursday, July 3rd. I’m off work Friday, I’ve got alot of liquor left, a 3 day weekend, and I really didn’t drink as much as I would have hoped Saturday. Please let me know if you’re in for this mini-crabby-fest!

2. Anyone using the Bierstick from this point forward will be required to sign a waiver, and pass a breathalyzer.
2a. Anyone within 15 feet of a Bierstick user will be provided with a rain pancho and goggles, at your request.
2b. Recommendation of 1 hour between consecutive Bierstickings.

3. I have a lost and found bin. Please message or email your requests. If you left something cool or alcoholic, there is no guarantee you will get it back.

4. I will go to bartending school before Crabapalooza 09.
4a. I make no guarantees that the Alaskan Oil Spill shot will not be seen again.
4b. I will make 300 Jello Sunset shots instead of the 125 I made. I apologize
for my horrible planning, and will never let my friends run out of Jello shots ever again.

5. We will rewire our entire house, so that a swimming pool, margarita machine, ice machine, 34,221 decorative lights, a blow dryer, a Chi, and my 37 laptops, can be ran consecutively. We have spoken to the City of OKC, and they are looking into providing us with direct power from the dam.

6. I am still trying to get crab juice, butter, or hamburger grease out of Marley’s hair. Whatever you did to my dog, I hate you. Also, whatever you fed our dog, our carpet hates you. Puppy dog + blue crab + god knows what alcohol = yeah… Little Green Machine almost died.

7. I apologize for anyone who might have been at the butt end of my violent speech/attacks. But, I’m sure everyone knows the policy for “havin’ relations” in other people’s beds now. I’m thinking that’s it, I’m so happy it turned out well besides those tiny things, and this list will be updated on my blog at

Thanks again, The Host & Hostess with the Mostest (Crabs!) Todd & JoRaye

Yucky People

I believe this is from Spain’s Vogue forums or a spanish version of their forums.

Basically, anyone who knows what Specktra is, and knows what the FOTDs are, they are pulling/hotlinking people’s pictures, and ragging on them. Not all of them are, but a majority of them are just hating on people’s individual expressions of creativity. Specktra is a place where only constructive or positive criticism is accepted, and supposed to be a safe haven for our posts.