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Name that Cat!

Say you had a roommate, who had a cat. And this cat happened to be named Bacon. Say you were going to get a cat yourself. And you’d like to play on the Bacon name. What do you name this cat? Eggs? Cheeseburger? What the heck else goes with Bacon. I would name it Lettuce, but that would require getting a 3rd cat to name Tomato. Samantha and I don’t want to turn into crazy cat ladies with 3 cats. And I can’t name it LettuceTomato. I’d have to call it LT. And I can’t stomach that name. Heck. I don’t even really like cats. I’d rather have a dog. But I guess I am helping a friend. Soooooo… that cat!

Where da JoRaye at?

Well, well, well, where has our little JoRaye been? Don’t worry, I’m still alive. I’ve been working. Fending off the weird people I have to work with and their incessant desire to stare at my chest. Geez people – get a life. Has no one realized there are mornings I WONT shower and WONT wear makeup, just to get people to leave me alone? I came to work, not socialize, and I probably don’t need any more friends. I have been doing some interesting projects, which makes it worthwhile. – no new updates except for photos. I have no idea what to do with this site, except keep it chock full of photo goodness.

Ardmore – we are going to Ardmore for the weekend. I haven’t been home in almost a month. Todd is going with me so that’s going to be cool, but he also still hasn’t met my dad (has only met Mom and Granpap) so prepare for the fountain of Busch (also known as my Dad’s mouth) to be flowing…..good or bad? We shall see. Mom likes Todd, so I don’t think we’ll have any problems. Not sure what we’re going to do, but we’ll find something!

Samantha & JoRaye’s Homelessness Situation – Cassandra and Dan are getting married soon, so we’re going separate ways. Where do the SamJoJo clan go? Across the alley. Literally. We moved into a 2-bdrm version of our current place, and luckily, the garages are like, caddy corner from each other. I think we’re going to steal some shopping carts and use those to haul stuff across the alley. I plan on devising a rope & pulley system to lower all my stuff downstairs, since the new place will only be one story and I hate those stairs. Darned Lucky Charms.

Summer of 2007 – Not a whole lot planned. Lena’s wedding was amazing. Sandi’s wedding reception is next weekend, and I’m not sure who else is gonna spring it on us that they are married, engaged or pregnant now. Sam & I will be moving at the end of July, Todd’s looking for a house, and most of my friends have morphed into collective beings that involve their significant others. Yes, we have become like Siamese twins. It’s no longer, “Where’s Samantha and Bo? Todd & JoRaye?” We now collectively refer to them as Sambo. Then there’s ToJo (yes, ours doesn’t work AS well as Sambo) and of course, the original homogenous couple – Dasandra. The girls of what was once known as the “Panty Palace” have fallen into a fluffy pile of lovey-dovey-ness. Awww. We’re planning a trip to Playa del Carmen in the fall, which is stressful. Sambo, Tojo, and Mar-(insert boys name here.) LOL. There’s so much to choose from, and I’m the only person without a passport, so Monday, after I return from Ardmore with my certificate of birth, I’m hightailing it to somewhere to get my expedited passport (funny, since I don’t need it till September….but I still have to pay $60 more to rush it, since it might be late….) I had a paragraph here about my mother’s side of the family and about how much they suck, but I decided to remove it. I’ll just go enjoy a cold, refreshing, Miller High Life glass bottle. Yum. Driveway beer. Other than that – life is ok, except for my strange mood disorder. My friends, when I see them, are flipping awesome. Todd is awesome. I get to see my mom and dad this weekend. My dad got me a new car! (loan….dammit….) and I get to possibly go to the lake this weekend. All in all, good times…..good times.