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Crabapalooza 08 Recap

First, thank you to everyone who RSVP’ed and actually showed up. 🙂 Seriously, thanks from Todd and myself, for attending Crabapalooza. It was a kick-ass party, it took alot of time, work, planning, money, crabs, sweat, tears, and a bit more vomit than we accounted for.
But all in all, it was great, Todd got his crabs he loves so much, and Jessica and Butch had a great time celebrating their birthdays with all of their friends. I’d start saving wear and tear on your liver and stomach for Crabapalooza 09.

PICTURES: Will be up tonight on They may appear on MySpace or Facebook, but really just depends on how motivated I am. Quit your belly aching. And send me what pictures you have.

My recap points:
1. Crabapalooza 1.5 is this Thursday, July 3rd. I’m off work Friday, I’ve got alot of liquor left, a 3 day weekend, and I really didn’t drink as much as I would have hoped Saturday. Please let me know if you’re in for this mini-crabby-fest!

2. Anyone using the Bierstick from this point forward will be required to sign a waiver, and pass a breathalyzer.
2a. Anyone within 15 feet of a Bierstick user will be provided with a rain pancho and goggles, at your request.
2b. Recommendation of 1 hour between consecutive Bierstickings.

3. I have a lost and found bin. Please message or email your requests. If you left something cool or alcoholic, there is no guarantee you will get it back.

4. I will go to bartending school before Crabapalooza 09.
4a. I make no guarantees that the Alaskan Oil Spill shot will not be seen again.
4b. I will make 300 Jello Sunset shots instead of the 125 I made. I apologize
for my horrible planning, and will never let my friends run out of Jello shots ever again.

5. We will rewire our entire house, so that a swimming pool, margarita machine, ice machine, 34,221 decorative lights, a blow dryer, a Chi, and my 37 laptops, can be ran consecutively. We have spoken to the City of OKC, and they are looking into providing us with direct power from the dam.

6. I am still trying to get crab juice, butter, or hamburger grease out of Marley’s hair. Whatever you did to my dog, I hate you. Also, whatever you fed our dog, our carpet hates you. Puppy dog + blue crab + god knows what alcohol = yeah… Little Green Machine almost died.

7. I apologize for anyone who might have been at the butt end of my violent speech/attacks. But, I’m sure everyone knows the policy for “havin’ relations” in other people’s beds now. I’m thinking that’s it, I’m so happy it turned out well besides those tiny things, and this list will be updated on my blog at

Thanks again, The Host & Hostess with the Mostest (Crabs!) Todd & JoRaye