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Titty McDizzy, Cinco De Wha?

Well yes, this has been quite a weekend. The bags under my eyes won’t be full the Prada and Coach I hoped I would be getting in Vegas, all because I partied balls, shopped, and just had a fucking amazing, sleepless, drunken, and overall great weekend with my friends, boyfriend, and for a short time, Mom and Grandpap.
Wednesday – cause the weekend starts early around here…. Ha – I did nothing except sleep and got over Sinus Infection #3 of 2007.
Thursday Me and Sammy decided to do it big and unexpected and follow course on our normal Thursday night tradition – Bowling Alley – Bar #1 – Bar #2 – Todd’s House. This seems to be the best chain of events and usually works out well. It also, works alot better when we dress alike. I can’t find any pictures that have our full blown outfits in them, but we decided black wifebeaters and camo skirts were in style. It was even more of a surprise to show up and find Todd and Bo were wearing camo shorts. I’m not sure who sent out the camo memo, but someone read it. Honestly, this night became quite a blur after walking into Todd’s house. The last thing I remember is pulling my car into the driveway and not hitting anything, therefore, my brain shut down shortly after that. I made it to work, and that’s all that matters.
Friday Making it to work and actually working are two different things. I believe my sinus infection came back in full force, but also believe the smoke and alcohol contributed heavily to the fact that I had no voice whatsoever. Luckily, we were kind of slow, and they let me call audit instead of taking calls. Around 8:00, I start receiving text messages, asking what the hell I am talking about. I am confused, and look at my outgoing texts from the night before. At approximately 12:48am, this text was mass broadcasted to a large portion of my phone book: Ok, jorayes new name is Titty McDizzy I spent the morning trying to figure out WHAT I did to get this hilarious nickname. As of Monday night, there still really isn’t a explanation, except for Cpt Ron says he thought I said “blah blah Titty McDizzy blah blah” and says to me, with this shocked look “DID YOU JUST SAY TITTY MCDIZZY?!?!” and I said “No, I said, blah blah blah,” and he thought Titty McDizzy should be my new, perma-nickname from that point forward. Hence, the birth of Titty McDizzy, aka Tits McGee, when you are so drunk you can’t say Titty McDizzy. Friday night, my love Marie came up from Dallas to surprise me, but before we could meet up, there were other plans made, and I was pissed at my family situation, so I washed/vacuumed my car for a good hour and a half until I was so sweaty I couldn’t see straight. Came home, showered, and me, Marie, and Sam, (in semi-matching outfits, no doubt)
and we met Todd and Bo for much needed sushi and Sapporo at Okura.
And that's all we left....

The rest of the night was relatively calm…… I lost a quarter down my shirt.
There's a quarter down there!

I’m sure someone got the shocker that night, but it wasn’t me….

Sam and Marie display outstanding eye protection.

Marie then jumped on the back of Tim’s bike….

And the rest of us were forced to ride in the car….sigh.

(All of these broken images show to be located at  Once I turn off my redirects, I’ll need to see if this dir still exists.)

Went home….hung out, fell asleep. had to be at work at friggin 10 am. Sigh.

Saturday Saturday – had to work. That sucked, but only for 4 hours. Got off work, didn’t NEED to go to mall, I was in a bad mood because of family crap, and tried to be in such a horrible mood that I wouldn’t even WANT to be at the mall. And my health at this time, decides to mimic that of a crazy person, so my day was majorly sucking. After $60 worth of MAC and some mall sushi though, I rethought this day, and ended up spending about $100 on shirts at Gap and some Pumas at LFL. I went home, overall feeling good and bad, but at least I have makeup, shirts, and cute shoes. Anyways, it was decided since we didn’t have to be anywhere until 9 or so, and it was 4, that I should start getting ready. I had other plans. I wanted to bitch and moan about my new found pain-area and nap. I got yelled at for the next 4 hours to GET IN THE GOD DANGED SHOWER. Hey, we made it on time. Me, Jess, Marie and Kathy end up going to Lumpy’s to meet Todd and a crapload of his friends, to see his friends band play. I must say, I was worried at first this night was going to suck, but then the spirit of Cinco De Meaty overcame me, and I started forcing tequila down people’s throats, and shots were going down my throat, beer, beer and more beer, and 4 cameras, and well over $200 later (not me, but that’s adding mine and the other people’s tabs that I knew the amounts….) we were extremely drunk, 360 or so pictures deep, and headed out to get more beer. And that’s when Cinco de Meaty went Cinco de Freaky. There’s freaking 360 pictures. I’ll post the photo gallery soon. I promise it will be up tonight. NO LIES. I will do it. There was cock licking, hot tubbing, see-thru white panties, people falling off picnic tables, shrimp, titties, beer, titties, beer, my bra on alot of people’s head obviously, and god knows what else. It was priceless and amazingly fun.

Sunday Yesterday, Todd got to meet the Mom. I was seriously worried about this due to my mother’s (and father’s, and entire family’s, and entire friend circle, and people who aren’t even my friends…) dislike for the last guy. Luckily, my mother (and everyone else) is forgiving, and knew I wasn’t stupid enough to pick some THAT bad again. haha. And he got to meet the Granpap. Didn’t get to meet the Dad, he had to work all day, but overall, it went well. We went to Applebee’s and got horrendous service. I felt it was only necessary that my parents meet the guy whisking me off to Vegas to NOT get married. Dammit, if one more person tells me to NOT get married, I might just NOT get married. Geez, I’ve known the guy a very short time, and we’re going to gamble and get drunk, NOT get married. (Wait, I think that’s how Britney’s first marriage started….SHIT.) And now it’s Monday night. I’m on the couch. Somehow, between all that alcohol and non-sleep, everyone in our entourage got sick. So I am staying away from the Todd to boost our chances of both being amazingly great and healthy on Thursday when we fly out. I have 360 pictures from Cinco de Meaty Mayo Freaky ALONE to sort, rename and chronologicalize, so you guys at will have a great time going thru our night. Awwww.